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By Lisa Wilson | Image by lightpoet/Shutterstock.com

“Google Deep Mind Health”  is a division of Google Deep Mind; Google deep Mind  is “on a mission to solve general intelligence, and make machines capable of learning things for themselves. It plans to do this by creating a set of powerful general-purpose learning algorithms that can be combined to make an AI system or “agent”. (http://www.techworld.com/personal-tech/google-deepmind-what-is-it-how-it-works-should-you-be-scared-3615354/) This means technology capable of learning, and in this case it is relevant to the healthcare field. Google’s deep mind technology has now been expanded to include “Deep Mind Health.

“Deep Mind Health” is an emerging smart phone capable technology that will give health care practitioners instant access to test results.  Algorithms that will interpret these results are available to help clinicians interpret the results of test in a rapid instantly accessible format.  Deep Mind has also paired up with the NHS in the UK to develop tools to track patient heath conditions and record and analyze statistics pertaining to these conditions.

One such technology is called “Streams”  this tool allows health care practitioners to collect data pertaining to specific conditions such as kidney disease and see potential “red flags” early on. This kind of data collection allows for earlier intervention and potentially less negative health effects later. https://deepmind.com/health

“Hark” is another technology being developed by Google Deep Mind Health.  Hark is an app that will allow health care providers to have better communication, and also cut down on faxing, and need for other 3rd party machines that help to transmit and send data and documentation. “The ambition of DeepMind Health in the long term is to deliver tools that clinicians can use to make sense of the huge inflows of information that they’re overwhelmed by,” Suleyman said.” https://deepmind.com/health

Google’s Deep Mind Health is definitely in the early stages of development.  There are limitless options to expand from this early development stage.  “DeepMind said its future projects would remain focused on prevention, and will take cues from NHS staff rather than the whims or suppositions of tech entrepreneurs. It also maintains that it will protect patient data, while remaining as open as possible. “We will develop open and interoperable technology while absolutely protecting the confidentiality of patient data,” DeepMind said. “This ensures that the benefits of innovation are widely shared.” http://www.wired.co.uk/article/google-deepmind-health By allowing developers to use their own creativity while collaborating with the needs and input of those working in health care great strides can be made in the field of patient care.  So far great emphasis has been placed on prevention and staying ahead of disease with data tracking and interpretation.  With new and advancing technologies and improvements in ease and efficiency of communication many advancements may be made with this technology.

This is only a brief listing of some of the great possibilities of the options that will come available as more organizations team up with Google Deep Mind in the healthcare industry.  There are many great emerging technologies in the healthcare industry that may literally revolutionize healthcare as we know it.


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